"Pain is the mother of Invention" :-)
Electronic mail is a public communication tool in this information era,however, as spam mail continues to overflow, dealing with spam has become a nightmare for those who depend on Emails. It's not only time consuming, more over, Email lost can sometimes cause serious damage and trouble.
Those of us who have had similar experiences understand it is very painful. If no spam filter is installed, more than 80% of the mails in the mailbox would be spams, and it would take a couple of minutes to delete them everyday.
However, if there is a spam filter, that can automatically filter mails, normal mails are often mistakenly identified as spam, sometimes mis-deleting them causes delay of important events. For this matter, we tried several popular email services, but realized the problem of mails mis-deletion occurs very commonly.
Professor SingLing Lee mentioned to me many times during 2004 about the requirement and importance of developing a whole new spam detection technique, as a director of the Computer Center, he could sense the index of suffering from spam is extremely high. We also discussed a lot about the requirements and prospect of the email system in the next generation. Meanwhile, due to the lack of resources, our R&D of search engine got into extreme difficulty in September 2004.
Even though we had the confidence and technology base to build a top-ranking engine, without adequate resources and R&D technicians, the technical framework was in vain. After discussing with Patrick, we made a major decision in October 2004; we put off the R&D plan of search engine, jumped into the spam detection system, which needs only few R&D technicians to bring a breakthrough in the technical field with the knowledge base of algorithm and system.
After ten months of effort, we bring you a newborn nopam...
Sun Wu