There are 4 modules built in Nopam system,
1. QS (Quantum Switch)
Quantum Switch is essentially the core system of mail delivery, as the part of MTA in normal email system, for example, usually Sendmail or postfix program. QS takes charge of communication among normal email systems.
2. LSD (Local Spam Detection)
LSD daemon is a server module, inlaid into spam detection program.
3. GSD (Global Spam Detection)
LSD is the frontline filter, while GSD is the database and statistical analysis center of spam, GSD offers update from the spam mail features db to LSD.
4. SCU (Spam Checking User Interface)
SCU module is a web based mail reader. All quarantined spam are held in SCU server, users could check their junk mail if they want.
The relationship among these modules, please refer to Fig. 1.
System Adaptation
Nopam offer two modes for system adaptation, they are referred to as Proxy mode and Loop-Around mode.
1)Proxy Mode: Let nopam filiates incoming spams first, after this is done, send normal mail to the usual MTA, please refer to Fig. 2.
2)Loop-Around mode: Nopam receives incoming mails from MTA, once the filtered procedure is done, it resends normal mail to MTA for further delivery, please refer to Fig. 3.
Fig. 3